Digital analytics

To have a successful campaign it is not enough to optimize using the numbers the advertising platform gives us. We need to set goals so that we get you visitors for a purpose.

All in all the quality of your visitors is much more important than the quantity. Quality can be measured by the number of transactions, leads or other key performance indicators (KPIs).

We believe in numbers

With Google Analytics we can measure micro and macro aspects of your visitors and track how your KPIs are changing segmented by many factors like campaign, demographics, device, etc. We also need to measure key moments where important events happen before your main goal(s). This can be a click to a PDF document or adding a product to your cart to a wishlist.

It is important for us to get visitors to your site who are interested in your product/service, people who you paid any click for a purpose.

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Beyond web analytics

Google Analytics is nowadays much more that a web analytics platform. In the world of “Internet of things” we can measure any connected device using the measurement protocol of Universal Analytics. Even a set-top-box, a smartwatch app or anything that can connect itself to the internet.

If you are collecting leads on your website, we can measure how those leads are becoming customers or abandoners using the data of your CRM.

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