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A long time ago, in a …. ok, that is trite but anyway: in the very first years of the web many website owners were able to register for some free services the get a counter on the website to showcase how many people visited your site in the past. That was the era before Google Analytics and other high level analytics tools became popular and available.

Website changed a lot since then. And not just in their design but how they function.

The first thing among many that lands on the desk while launching a new website is to be able to measure users on the website. Nowadays this is usually (but not necessarily) done using Google Analytics. To do so, you have to add a small code snippet into your website. Depending on how custom made our website is, this can be a challenge.

While you start to do advertisement on the site, people usually start to use Google AdWords in first place. If you want to spend wisely, you need to you conversion tracking here. This involves other code snippets and other challenges. After discovering the opportunities of remarketing there is suddenly another task for the webmaster with another code snippet that has to be added to the source code of the site. Now we could talk about Facebook, AdRoll, etc. all of those advertising platforms have their own tracking codes that needs to be placed into your website to be able to do your job at the best.

You may wonder: isn’t it possible to do those code insertions easier?

And the answer is of course: yes! Nowadays there are several so called tag management systems (TMS). Using a TMS you only have to add a code into your site once and then add everything else on their website using a straightforward user interface.

Google Tag Manager is the free TMS service of Google. As with Google Analytics, the beginning can be easy. But if you dive deep into the features and the possibilities, you will need a professional as well.

At JabJab Online Marketing most of our references were being implemented using Google Tag Manager thus we are proud to say: we know it!

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