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For us, a search engine marketing (SEM) campaign does not start with keyword research, but with strategy planning. Then we select PPC systems, targets and when needed: keywords.
And this is just the beginning.

A campaign needs continues management, monitoring (since your competitors probably do the same), proper measurement of success and continues modification based on measured numbers.

It is fundamental to have the proper measurements so that numbers and statistics can be strong basement for making business decisions. That is more complex as it sounds for the first time.

For our clients we take all those tasks and we execute the whole campaign from planning to the post buy analysis.

We need one thing to do so: being partners from the very first second of our cooperation.

Why to chose us?

  1. We do not want to have lots of clients. We need only a few clients to take care for them.
  2. We want to be partners, not service providers.
  3. As a features agency by Google we have dedicated support for AdWords campaigns managed by us.
  4. We have access to some beta features that can be tested only by a limited number of advertisers. Probably not by your competitors!
  5. We think strategy, we can take a step back and look at the big picture.
  6. Every team member have its own AdWords certification
  7. The founder of the company, Mihály Bobály is one of the oldest AdWords certified individual in Hungary (since more than 9 years)
  8. No complex client accounts: you can ask the person who manages your campaigns directly.
  9. We do not like bullshit. Honest 7/24, always up to date!
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