AdWords Scripts development

There are several use cases where we need to do continues tasks again and again which can be automated in a straightforward way. Some examples:

  • Only run ads for products with inventory
  • Keep prices up-to-date
  • Create ads for new products day by day
  • Stop low performing ads
  • Decide what to advertise based on more complex calculations
  • etc.

Until some point automated rules do their job but it can easily happen that it is hard to automate tasks at certain complexities.

AdWords Scripts is a scripting environment that gives us the opportunity inside an AdWords account to create automated solutions for tasks like mentioned previously and for other complex tasks and logic.

If you do not have the necessary programming skills, we can create any script for you:

  • We assess the needs
  • We tell you what compromise could be needed
  • We write the scripts
  • We test it in a separate test account
  • We launch it in the live account
  • We fix any possible bugs and issues found after the launch for the first 3 months for free

Let the experts to do the job for you!

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