Google AdWords

I think we do not have to introduce this tool as Google AdWords is one of the most known and most used performance marketing tools out on the market.

Google AdWords

JabJab Online Marketing offered AdWords campaign management in Hungary in the first row sinc 2005, Mihály Bobály, founder of the company was the second certified individual in the country that time. JabJab was certified as a company in the first row as well which not only includes the proof of knowledge but also the necessary experience. This certification has been changed many times in the past years and JabJab Online Marketing was always on of the first agencies who was able to remain certified. Currently we are “Google Premier Partners” which means extensive experience amount many agencies.

Google Premier Partner

We are a featured agency at the Hungarian Google that allows us to get additional support from Google and to be able to try and use new AdWords features as betas way before their public launch.

Google AdWords – Search Ads

This is the most known placement and format of AdWords ads where we place ads on the Google Search result pages and its partner pages.

We can show us at the top or at the bottom of each search page. The position and placement is dependent on several factors:

  • Our bid: the position of our ads are highly influenced by our bids on clicks. It is however not our goal to bid too high as it could cost us way too much with little to no additional conversion on our site or app. Our task is to find the best positions where you can get as many conversions for a reasonable price and/or ROI (return-on-investment)
  • Our relevancy: the more relevant our ads are to the search term of the user the better our chance to get cheaper clicks on the same or higher positions. Relevancy between the ad and the website (landing page) is also an important factor

Many important and interesting targeting method helps as to achieve your goals.

It is a fascinating opportunity to use the fact the the user behind the actual search already visited our website or app before. Using this we can bid higher to gain visibility or show them another ad to convince and convert. We may also exclude those who already converted to reduce costs.

Google AdWords – Display Ads

Google Display Network (GDN) can give our ads great reach however few advertisers are using this channel (well). It is both an advantage and a disadvantage of GDN that we have more sophisticated targeting methods to deliver our messages to users.

  • Keyword targeting: we show our ads next to relevant content or to users who visited a relevant content recently
  • Website topic targeting: without keywords we can choose from a long list of topic categoires and we are still targeting relevant content
  • Interest category targeting: search and browsing history of users, YouTube and Gmail history is also part of Google’s profiling technology which gives advertires the opportinuty to show ads to users who are really interested in your products or services. We can target broader categories like “TV Lovers” or “Shoppers” or categories more close to specific products and services to reach users closer to a conversion
  • Demographic targeting: we can limit our reach to specific gender or age category and even to parents or non-parents depending on who you target audience is
  • Remarketing: nowadays remarketing is almost a completely separate service, delivering interesting opportunities in AdWords and other advertising system to reach you prior website visitors with tailored messages to boost conversion or create up-sell and cross-sell campaigns

It is not an easy way to know what combination of those targeting methods works best for your business but it can deliver great reach and many conversions once we find the right recipe.

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