Many people have the misconception that it is not worth paying for an already paid visitor again. This is not true.

Remarketing is like showing customized special offers for those who entered our book shop… outside our book shop. People who were looking for children’s books can see suggestions from that category, others who were looking for some bestsellers can get a special coupon from 7 days after their last visit. And we can limit the length of the offer in days.

But there are several advanced techniques where we can target past visitors or users similar to them (based search and browsing history, expressed interests, etc.) There are tons of possibilities in this area worth mention remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA).

And life does not stop here: there are lots of service providers on the market so that we can manage all our remarketing efforts across several ad networks using one management console where we can reach an inventory not reachable using just Google/Facebook/Bing.

Whether you are interested in AdRoll or Perfect Audience you can count on us.

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