YouTube advertising

YouTube is the leading video sharing website on the internet reaching tons of users daily. On YouTube most people are watching more focused as in TV where the actual broadcast is sometimes only running in the background.

Using YouTube’s video advertising solutions you can extend the reach of your existing TV campaign with more precise targeting methods than traditional TV can offer.

Many people are aware of the pre-roll or In-Stream ad format, hated by most users, loved by many advertisers but there is another option: the In-Display format gives you another, less annoying option to show up with your video ad in YouTube’s own search result pages or even across the sites of the Google Display Network.

JabJab Online Marketing started to run YouTube video ads on the very first day of launch in Hungary, since then we planned and managed lots of YouTube video campaigns. We were the first agency in Hungary who presented about our first experiences.

If you want to start a new YouTube video campaign, you won’t be disappointed with us!

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